Authors: Petr Ročkai, Vladimír Štill, Ivana Černá, Jiří Barnat

In this paper, we introduce the concept of a virtual machine with graph-organised memory as a versatile backend for both explicit-state and abstraction-driven verification of software. Our virtual machine uses the LLVM IR as its instruction set, enriched with a small set of hypercalls. We show that the provided hypercalls are sufficient to implement a small operating system, which can then be linked with applications to provide a POSIX-compatible verification environment. Finally, we demonstrate the viability of the approach through a comparison with a more traditionally-designed LLVM model checker.

Documents: Links: arXiv:1703.05341

Benchmark Data

You can download all measurement data as a compressed PostgreSQL database dump: divbench.psql.xz. The relevant instance identifiers used in the paper are following:

Benchmarked Tools

Source codes of all benchmarked versions of DIVINE and binaries of ESBMC are also available: