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Ticket Summary Comp. Target Type Status
#1 Fix memory leaks in DiOS DiOS 4.2 defect new
#6 Improve support for debugging inlined functions sim 4.2 defect new
#4 Implement exec --symbolic. MC 4.2 feature new
#5 Invalid YAML report for programs with options or stdin UI future defect new
#8 Missing or spurious ODBC dependency bench future defect new
#10 Memory leak from symbolic values. DiOS future defect new
#13 pass CMake pthreads check divcc future defect new
#14 Allow programs to override libc symbols divcc future defect assigned
#16 Undetected double free VM future defect new
#19 SYM: Spurious errors due to infeasible explicit values LART future defect assigned
#3 Aggregate and garbage-collect *_log tables. bench future feature new
#17 Generalize smt builder interface to be usable with different back-ends. MC future feature assigned
#18 Implement string modification abstraction. LART future task new
#22 Use lifetime markers to move allocas LART future task new
#21 Implement clock_gettime DiOS future feature accepted
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