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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#90 VFS: Divine segfaults while loading when capturing a diffutils directory new defect major 4.3
#63 Use refcount_ptr in DiOS. new task minor 5.0
#107 unreachable executed: unknown binary operation fp.leq assigned Henrich Lauko defect minor 4.4
#35 Track origins of memory objects. new feature major 5.0
#26 The weakmem runtime leaks memory assigned Vladimír Štill defect major 5.0
#68 sysconf macros should be inferred via hostabi new task major 4.4
#87 Struct self-assignment results in assertion failure in memcpy accepted mornfall defect major 4.3
#10 Memory leak from symbolic values. new defect major 5.0
#119 libc: make return value of isatty(3) user configurable new feature major 4.5
#118 libc: isatty(3) is POSIX-nonconformant new defect major 4.5
#64 Integrate Ballista into DiOS' testsuite. new task major 4.4
#39 Hunt down libc functions that should be defined weak assigned blurry task minor 5.0
#92 divine info is outdated accepted Vladimír Štill defect minor 4.3
#47 Benchmark abstraction cleanup influence assigned Henrich Lauko task major 5.0
#45 Add support for __atomic_* libcalls new defect major 5.0
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