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#51 Write a style guide. new mornfall task major 5.0
#60 missing __sym_sitofp assigned Henrich Lauko defect major 4.3
#72 Termination testing our data structures assigned xstill defect major 5.0
#105 make: Move any compilation out of make install accepted mornfall feature major 4.4
#106 make: CMake does not set PYTHON_INTERP during libcxx configuration accepted Vladimír Štill defect major 4.4
#113 make install fails for DIVINE 4.4.2 on Debian 10 new mornfall defect major 4.4
#116 Divine fails to build on distributions with recent glibc and GNU toolchain new mornfall defect major 4.5
#117 Possibility of symbolic argc + argv new mornfall feature major 4.5
#120 Divine-4.4.2 was built failed in ubuntu 20.04 new mornfall defect major 4.4
#122 Verify properties described using LTL formulas new mornfall feature major 4.4
#123 How to use the command line to check whether a C program satisfies the LTL nature new mornfall defect major 5.0
#44 Multi-Threaded Performance Doesn't Scale accepted mornfall defect minor 5.0
#49 Build system should check for minimal version of Z3 assigned Henrich Lauko defect minor 4.3
#104 build Divine against system LLVM 13 new mornfall feature minor 5.0
#121 Where can I get the extract-llvm from? new mornfall feature trivial 4.4
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