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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#6 Improve support for debugging inlined functions new mornfall major 5.0 sim
#10 Memory leak from symbolic values. new major 5.0 DiOS
#19 SYM: Spurious errors due to infeasible explicit values assigned Henrich Lauko major 5.0 LART
#26 The weakmem runtime leaks memory assigned Vladimír Štill major 5.0 DiOS
#38 Report attempts to use symbolic data if symbolic is disable new mornfall major 5.0 other
#44 Multi-Threaded Performance Doesn't Scale new mornfall minor 5.0 other
#45 Add support for __atomic_* libcalls new major 5.0 DiOS
#58 Build fails: Directory nonexistent new mornfall minor 5.0 other
#67 DiOS: VFS Capture does not work new mornfall major 5.0 other
#24 divcc needs native libc++ and libc++abi to build C++ programs new major 4.3 DiOS
#43 Fix thread_local new mornfall major 4.3 VM
#49 Build system should check for minimal version of Z3 assigned Henrich Lauko minor 4.3 other
#50 Comparison of pointers in usermeta is incorrect. new mornfall major 4.3 VM
#53 divcc: Investigate and fix coreutils' ls assigned blurry major 4.3 divcc
#59 Make it possible for `step --over` to stop on thread switch new mornfall major 4.3 sim
#60 missing __sym_sitofp assigned Henrich Lauko major 4.3 other
#65 Error message in symbolic mode reopened mornfall major 4.3 other
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