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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#4 Implement exec --symbolic. assigned adamatousek major 4.3 MC
#25 Make metadata exception map lock-free assigned adamatousek major 4.4 VM
#32 Allow usermeta layers to be weak (debug). new mornfall major 5.0 VM
#33 Return the list of leaked objects back to userspace. new mornfall major 5.0 VM
#34 Add _VM_T_StackTrace to __vm_trace. new mornfall major 5.0 VM
#35 Track origins of memory objects. new major 5.0 DiOS
#40 Error with _SYM and array indexing (worked in 4.1.6) new Henrich Lauko major 5.0 LART
#62 Generate concrete counterexample from smt. assigned Henrich Lauko major 4.3 MC
#105 make: Move any compilation out of make install accepted mornfall major 4.4 other
#117 Possibility of symbolic argc + argv new mornfall major 4.5 other
#119 libc: make return value of isatty(3) user configurable new major 4.5 DiOS
#122 Verify properties described using LTL formulas new mornfall major 4.4 other
#30 Possibly move divine's version() out of UI. new mornfall minor 5.0 UI
#104 build Divine against system LLVM 13 new mornfall minor 5.0 other
#121 Where can I get the extract-llvm from? new mornfall trivial 4.4 other
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