11:03 Ticket #28 (Capturing symbolically linked files seem to crash DiOS) created by John Lång
For verifying my application, I created a new directory, into which I …
10:54 Ticket #27 (build filaure (fatal error: dios.h: No such file or directory)) closed by mornfall
fixed: Yes, this is a known problem that unfortunately affected the 4.1.20 …
10:44 Ticket #27 (build filaure (fatal error: dios.h: No such file or directory)) created by Kamil Dudka
While trying to write self-contained steps to reproduce …


23:28 Ticket #8 (Missing or spurious ODBC dependency) closed by mornfall
worksforme: Probably a cmake glitch, or a case of stale cache (odbc headers …
22:51 Ticket #26 (The weakmem runtime leaks memory) created by mornfall
Not super critical, since we can run relaxed-memory checks and leak …
22:48 Ticket #1 (Fix memory leaks in DiOS) closed by mornfall
fixed: The kernel and libc are now virtually leak-free. The only remaining …


18:24 Ticket #25 (Make metadata exception map lock-free) created by adamatousek
To date, the metadata exception map is implemented using an …
15:56 Ticket #24 (divcc needs native libc++ and libc++abi to build C++ programs) created by mornfall
We may want to ship native versions of those ourselves, since many …
11:40 Ticket #23 (divine cc -c -Ipath does not work) created by mornfall
Seems to work fine without -c though.


15:00 Ticket #21 (Implement clock_gettime) closed by mornfall
fixed: I have committed clock_gettime and a few related functions, should be …


13:57 Ticket #22 (Use lifetime markers to move allocas) created by Vladimír Štill
- kill allocas with VM obj free
13:21 Ticket #2 (Lazy loading / linking of DiOS bitcode.) closed by blurrymoi
12:47 Ticket #21 (Implement clock_gettime) created by John Lång
I'm trying to verify the implementation of my C++14 software …


17:08 Ticket #20 (Use error output for actual errors only) closed by mornfall
invalid: This is not how stdout/stderr works. In divine, like in many other …
16:05 Ticket #20 (Use error output for actual errors only) created by tkratochvila
When there is no error, print the output to STDOUT instead of STDERR. …


13:15 Ticket #19 (SYM: Spurious errors due to infeasible explicit values) created by Vladimír Štill
It is possible to create programs manifesting not only division by 0, …


15:32 Ticket #18 (Implement string modification abstraction.) created by Henrich Lauko
15:30 Ticket #17 (Generalize smt builder interface to be usable with different back-ends.) created by Henrich Lauko
14:57 Ticket #9 (Problem with cast form abstract int to abstract pointer.) closed by Henrich Lauko
14:56 Ticket #15 (Implement strcmp for mstring domain.) closed by Henrich Lauko
14:55 Ticket #11 (Implement string abstraction with 'strlen' function.) closed by Henrich Lauko
09:40 Ticket #12 (Have both versions of strerror_r) closed by blurrymoi


09:48 Ticket #16 (Undetected double free) created by Henrich Lauko
In current divine, we are not able to detect possible double free …


14:10 Ticket #15 (Implement strcmp for mstring domain.) created by Henrich Lauko
Also, inspect equality check on mstring domain. It should be …
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