18:33 Ticket #53 (divcc: Investigate and fix coreutils' ls) created by blurrymoi
Running ls results in a Segmentation Fault both natively and in DIVINE.


19:36 Ticket #41 (Faults that are suppressed should not appear in the trace) closed by mornfall
fixed: Should be gone in next. (Static builds are borked though, I'll look …
00:09 Ticket #52 (unable to reproduce divcc/gzip hello world with divine-4.2.1+2019.02.06) closed by mornfall
fixed: I have checked in the fix. Also turns out that LLVM codegen can't deal …


16:30 Ticket #52 (unable to reproduce divcc/gzip hello world with divine-4.2.1+2019.02.06) created by Kamil Dudka
I tried to reproduce …


17:37 Ticket #51 (Write a style guide.) created by mornfall
A few bullet points for now: - indent is 4 spaces and applies to …


02:14 Ticket #50 (Comparison of pointers in usermeta is incorrect.) created by mornfall
Marked pointers are not extracted into SMT queries and normal pointers …
02:03 Ticket #36 (Assign 'types' (weak, marked) to objects, not to pointers.) closed by mornfall
fixed: I have kept the _VM_T_DebugPersist call (at least for now), mainly for …


13:45 Ticket #49 (Build system should check for minimal version of Z3) created by adamatousek
DIVINE build currently fails on Debian with downstream Z3 installed. …


13:40 Ticket #48 (Destroy symbolic formula directly when 0 reference count is reached) created by Henrich Lauko
13:36 Ticket #47 (Benchmark abstraction cleanup influence) created by Henrich Lauko
13:31 Ticket #46 (Simplify stashing mechanism) created by Henrich Lauko
Backtrack to the previous solution with a single stashed structure: …


12:05 Ticket #45 (Add support for __atomic_* libcalls) created by Vladimír Štill
In some code (such as boost::lockfree), there are 128bit atomics, …


16:22 Ticket #44 (Multi-Threaded Performance Doesn't Scale) created by John Lång
On my Debian laptop, I noticed that running divine check on my model …


16:25 Ticket #43 (Fix thread_local) created by Vladimír Štill
Currently, the thread_local keyword is not supported. Even worse, it …
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