16:58 Ticket #67 (DiOS: VFS Capture does not work) created by Vladimír Štill
Let's have a program, du.cpp: […] Now, we want to run this …
11:18 Ticket #66 (Re-write addSection in terms of llvm code.) created by blurrymoi
Use the ELF reading/writing code that is in llvm instead of objcopy.
07:42 Ticket #65 (Error message in symbolic mode) reopened by otis01329
I put the report of the divine4 output in the cloud. …


08:21 Ticket #65 (Error message in symbolic mode) closed by mornfall
invalid: A program which gives the same error as you see would be the …
05:14 Ticket #65 (Error message in symbolic mode) created by otis01329
In the symbolic mode using the divine, I have encountered the …


22:10 Ticket #64 (Integrate Ballista into DiOS' testsuite.) created by blurrymoi
Ballista provides a test suite for exceptional cases in functions and …


16:19 Ticket #63 (Use refcount_ptr in DiOS.) created by Henrich Lauko
_PThread implements its reference counting. - Replace it with …


12:00 Milestone 4.3 completed


15:50 Ticket #62 (Generate concrete counterexample from smt.) created by Henrich Lauko


13:51 Ticket #61 (Problems in SV-COMP) closed by Henrich Lauko
invalid: You still have the same problem. In DIVINE it is not possible to print …
09:29 Ticket #61 (Problems in SV-COMP) reopened by otis01329
I made some changes after listening to your suggestions. This is my …


10:36 Ticket #61 (Problems in SV-COMP) closed by Henrich Lauko
invalid: Hi, to use sv-comp nondet functions you need to run divine with the …
08:41 Ticket #61 (Problems in SV-COMP) created by otis01329
I have some doubts about the use of DIVINE4 software. 1. In C++ …


14:38 Ticket #60 (missing __sym_sitofp) created by tkratochvila
While for example in divine 4.1.6+43d9a505081f was able to convert int …
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