divine blog

Welcome to the divine blog, where we write about things that we find interesting, usually with some connection to divine itself. All members of the team write for the blog (see the signature below each entry), with mornfall serving as an editor.
Each topic that we cover here is also discussed in a seminar (the blog post is the starting point, the seminar comes afterwards). We will try to update the posts here with a summary of the live discussion, whenever that seems to make sense.


2022 week 40: garbage collection
week 39: propositions as types
week 38: types are sets
week 37: type systems and dependent types
week 36: abstraction basics
week 33: verification vs file system
week 32: pipelining
week 30: data flow analysis
week 29: logic and satisfiability solving
week 28: symbolic execution
week 27: data flow and function composition
week 26: fuzzing
week 24: superscalar architectures
week 22: static single assignment
week 21: intermediate languages
week 20: gib: a simpler build system