[2018-01-15] Version 4.1 of the DIVINE model checker has been released. Since version 4.0 was released a year ago, a large number of improvements has made its way into the tool – however, there are only minor differences between the last 4.0 point release and the first version in the new 4.1 series. The changes that happened between the 4.0 release in January 2017 and 4.1 are summarised in our release notes.
Likewise, we plan to implement many improvements over the lifetime of the 4.1 series. The main points are described in our roadmap, including a much-improved symbolic verification mode, a new compiler binary that can be used as a drop-in replacement for gcc or clang when building complex projects, and a valgrind-like mode for executing programs in a semi-native environment.


[2017-01-08] DIVINE 4 is now available. We are pleased to announce that, after a few last-minute holdups, we are ready to label DIVINE 4 as stable. Please bear in mind, however, that DIVINE is still an academic tool and unfortunately only saw limited testing in the beta period. That said, our experience says that it's already pretty useful in practice and we have some nice improvements planned for future releases.
The latest source tarball for DIVINE 4 is, as always, available for download. Starting on January 15th, there will be semi-automated, fortnightly point releases in the 4.0 series (which will include new features as they stabilise), and a 4.1 milestone in July this year.


[2016-09-23] A major update of our software model checker is scheduled for release in autumn 2016. The new release will bring a new, flexible execution environment, based on the traditional virtual machine – operating system – user program division, along with a more efficient multi-threaded verification core. The user interface has also seen major improvements. Finally, the upcoming version of DIVINE will make working with counterexamples a much smoother and more pleasant experience.