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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#16 Undetected double free new feature major 5.0 LART
#17 Generalize smt builder interface to be usable with different back-ends. assigned feature major 5.0 MC
#18 Implement string modification abstraction. new task major 5.0 LART
#19 SYM: Spurious errors due to infeasible explicit values assigned defect major 5.0 LART
#22 Use lifetime markers to move allocas new task major 4.3 LART
#40 Error with _SYM and array indexing (worked in 4.1.6) new feature major 5.0 LART
#46 Simplify stashing mechanism assigned feature major 4.3 DiOS
#47 Benchmark abstraction cleanup influence assigned task major 5.0 DiOS
#48 Destroy symbolic formula directly when 0 reference count is reached assigned feature major 4.3 DiOS
#49 Build system should check for minimal version of Z3 assigned defect minor 4.3 other
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