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#18 Implement string modification abstraction. new Henrich Lauko major 5.0 LART
#22 Use lifetime markers to move allocas new Henrich Lauko major 4.3 LART
#31 Capture 'mount points' are confusing. new mornfall major 5.0 UI
#37 Update libc++ and libc++abi. new major 4.3 DiOS
#47 Benchmark abstraction cleanup influence assigned Henrich Lauko major 5.0 DiOS
#51 Write a style guide. new mornfall major 5.0 other
#54 Split global variables by compilation unit. new mornfall major 4.3 VM
#55 Store snapshots in 2 layers. new mornfall major 4.4 VM
#39 Hunt down libc functions that should be defined weak assigned blurry minor 5.0 DiOS
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