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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#6 Improve support for debugging inlined functions new defect major 5.0 sim
#31 Capture 'mount points' are confusing. new task major 5.0 UI
#32 Allow usermeta layers to be weak (debug). new feature major 5.0 VM
#33 Return the list of leaked objects back to userspace. new feature major 5.0 VM
#34 Add _VM_T_StackTrace to __vm_trace. new feature major 5.0 VM
#43 Fix thread_local accepted defect major 4.5 VM
#51 Write a style guide. new task major 5.0 other
#55 Store snapshots in 2 layers. new task major 4.4 VM
#59 Make it possible for `step --over` to stop on thread switch new defect major 4.3 sim
#87 Struct self-assignment results in assertion failure in memcpy accepted defect major 4.3 DiOS
#95 sim: Integers < -5 appearing in dbg.value are discarded. accepted defect major 4.4 sim
#105 make: Move any compilation out of make install accepted feature major 4.4 other
#113 make install fails for DIVINE 4.4.2 on Debian 10 new defect major 4.4 other
#116 Divine fails to build on distributions with recent glibc and GNU toolchain new defect major 4.5 other
#117 Possibility of symbolic argc + argv new feature major 4.5 other
#120 Divine-4.4.2 was built failed in ubuntu 20.04 new defect major 4.4 other
#122 Verify properties described using LTL formulas new feature major 4.4 other
#30 Possibly move divine's version() out of UI. new feature minor 5.0 UI
#44 Multi-Threaded Performance Doesn't Scale accepted defect minor 5.0 other
#104 build Divine against system LLVM 13 new feature minor 5.0 other
#121 Where can I get the extract-llvm from? new feature trivial 4.4 other
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