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{2} Active Tickets by Version (38 matches)

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DiOS (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#48 Destroy symbolic formula directly when 0 reference count is reached closed feature Henrich Lauko
#24 divcc needs native libc++ and libc++abi to build C++ programs closed defect
#92 divine info is outdated accepted defect Vladimír Štill
#41 Faults that are suppressed should not appear in the trace closed defect
#93 Memory leak in stdio tracing code. closed defect mornfall
#78 Sigaction in enquiry mode causes unexpected error while checking closed defect
#46 Simplify stashing mechanism closed feature Henrich Lauko
#87 Struct self-assignment results in assertion failure in memcpy accepted defect mornfall
#37 Update libc++ and libc++abi. closed task
#88 VFS: Divine crashes while capturing current directory closed defect
#89 VFS: Divine crashes while capturing files created by truncate closed defect
#90 VFS: Divine segfaults while loading when capturing a diffutils directory new defect

divcc (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#81 dioscc and divine cc explicitly undefine the __x86_64__ macro closed defect blurrymoi
#86 Dioscc produces a broken gzip binary closed defect mornfall
#80 dioscc without any arguments fails with ld error closed defect blurrymoi
#53 divcc: Investigate and fix coreutils' ls assigned defect blurry
#76 Divcc produces a broken gzip closed defect blurrymoi
#77 divcc -v segfault closed defect blurrymoi

LART (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#22 Use lifetime markers to move allocas closed task Henrich Lauko

MC (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#62 Generate concrete counterexample from smt. assigned feature Henrich Lauko
#4 Implement exec --symbolic. assigned feature adamatousek

other (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#49 Build system should check for minimal version of Z3 assigned defect Henrich Lauko
#71 Divine 4.3.2 Build failures closed defect mornfall
#65 Error message in symbolic mode closed defect mornfall
#84 FindZ3.cmake fails on Fedora closed defect mornfall
#91 Make (install) enhancements closed feature Vladimír Štill
#73 make install failure - Divine 4.3.2 closed defect mornfall
#74 make static failures - Divine 4.3.2 closed defect mornfall
#60 missing __sym_sitofp assigned defect Henrich Lauko
#61 Problems in SV-COMP closed defect mornfall

sim (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#59 Make it possible for `step --over` to stop on thread switch new defect mornfall
#56 Showing globals does not work closed defect mornfall

UI (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#79 Divine help commands crash closed defect mornfall
#82 Help commands segmentation faults closed defect mornfall

VM (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Owner
#36 Assign 'types' (weak, marked) to objects, not to pointers. closed task mornfall
#50 Comparison of pointers in usermeta is incorrect. closed defect mornfall
#54 Split global variables by compilation unit. closed task mornfall
#52 unable to reproduce divcc/gzip hello world with divine-4.2.1+2019.02.06 closed defect mornfall
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