13:40 Ticket #48 (Destroy symbolic formula directly when 0 reference count is reached) created by Henrich Lauko
13:36 Ticket #47 (Benchmark abstraction cleanup influence) created by Henrich Lauko
13:31 Ticket #46 (Simplify stashing mechanism) created by Henrich Lauko
Backtrack to the previous solution with a single stashed structure: …


12:05 Ticket #45 (Add support for __atomic_* libcalls) created by Vladimír Štill
In some code (such as boost::lockfree), there are 128bit atomics, …


16:22 Ticket #44 (Multi-Threaded Performance Doesn't Scale) created by John Lång
On my Debian laptop, I noticed that running divine check on my model …


16:25 Ticket #43 (Fix thread_local) created by Vladimír Štill
Currently, the thread_local keyword is not supported. Even worse, it …


13:30 Ticket #42 (DIVINE sim crashes after only six states) closed by mornfall
invalid: This is not something we can really fix -- it is a genuine violation …
09:37 Ticket #42 (DIVINE sim crashes after only six states) created by John Lång
I'm using the static binary version 4.1.20+2018.12.17 of DIVINE. I'm …
09:16 Ticket #41 (Faults that are suppressed should not appear in the trace) created by John Lång
It seems that when DiOS boots up, the following message emerges: "T: …


21:49 Ticket #14 (Allow programs to override libc symbols) closed by blurrymoi
14:26 Ticket #40 (Error with _SYM and array indexing (worked in 4.1.6)) created by MichalDobes2
Verification of the following code could be launched in 4.1.6 but in …


10:58 Ticket #39 (Hunt down libc functions that should be defined weak) created by blurrymoi


18:19 Milestone 4.2 completed
14:26 Ticket #38 (Report attempts to use symbolic data if symbolic is disable) created by Vladimír Štill
Currently, if a benchmark which contains symbolic data is analyzed …
13:18 Ticket #37 (Update libc++ and libc++abi.) created by mornfall
We are currently on 4.0, should go at least to 6.0 since that is the …
00:20 Ticket #36 (Assign 'types' (weak, marked) to objects, not to pointers.) created by mornfall
This should eliminate a whole class of hard-to-trace bugs. We can …


23:15 Ticket #35 (Track origins of memory objects.) created by mornfall
With #32, it should be easy to attach a stack trace (probably just a …
23:12 Ticket #34 (Add _VM_T_StackTrace to __vm_trace.) created by mornfall
The idea is to send an array of program counters to the VM, so it can …
23:05 Ticket #33 (Return the list of leaked objects back to userspace.) created by mornfall
Currently, leak checking is implemented as a vm_trace call. This …
22:54 Ticket #32 (Allow usermeta layers to be weak (debug).) created by mornfall
This would be useful to be able to track per-object or even per-byte …


20:16 Ticket #23 (divine cc -c -Ipath does not work) closed by blurrymoi


13:00 Ticket #31 (Capture 'mount points' are confusing.) created by mornfall
There's a few issues to deal with: - mount points (both files and …
12:55 Ticket #28 (Capturing symbolically linked files seem to crash DiOS) closed by mornfall
fixed: The patches fixing this and a few other capture-related problems are …


16:06 Ticket #13 (pass CMake pthreads check) closed by blurrymoi
02:36 Ticket #29 (Add/fix divcc --version and --help) closed by mornfall
fixed: Soon to land in next.
02:26 Ticket #5 (Invalid YAML report for programs with options or stdin) closed by mornfall
fixed: Should be fixed in next.


23:34 Ticket #30 (Possibly move divine's version() out of UI.) created by blurrymoi
divcc only has to link with divine-ui to print --version
14:11 Ticket #29 (Add/fix divcc --version and --help) created by blurrymoi
Both propagate to other tools and result in a segfault.
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