DIVINE is a modern, explicit-state model checker. Based on the LLVM toolchain, it can verify programs written in multiple real-world programming languages, including C and C++. The verification core is built on a foundation of high­-per­for­mance algorithms and data structures, scaling all the way from a laptop to a high-end cluster. Learn more in the manual. Our plans for upcoming releases are outlined in the roadmap.

DIVINE 4.2 Released

[2019-01-15] A year since last major release, we are pleased to announce that DIVINE version 4.2 has been released. Like all 4.x releases, the changes included in 4.2 were integrated gradually. The 4.1.x series, culminating in the release of 4.2 today has brought substantially improved POSIX compatibility, to a level where packages like gzip or coreutils can be configured and compiled using divcc, which creates binaries which can be verified in divine and also executed in production. In this case, the executable binary code is derived from the exact same bitcode that is processed by the model checker.

Other highlights include much faster bitcode loading, improved support for relaxed memory models used by Intel x86_64-series processors, support for C11 threads, verification of synchronous systems specified using C with LTL properties, much faster and more robust symbolic verification mode. Basic support for detection of memory leaks has also been added, along with a large number of smaller improvements and fixes detailed in the release notes.

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Use in Publications

When you refer to DIVINE in an academic paper, we would appreciate if you could use the following reference (our currently most up-to-date tool paper):

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Contacting Us

If you have comments or questions about DIVINE, please send an email to divine at fi.muni.cz.