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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#29 Add/fix divcc --version and --help blurry defect major 5.0 divcc
#13 pass CMake pthreads check blurrymoi defect major 5.0 divcc
#23 divine cc -c -Ipath does not work blurrymoi defect major 5.0 divcc
#70 libpng tests in divine hit op != OpCode::Call in setjmp blurrymoi defect major 4.4 divcc
#76 Divcc produces a broken gzip blurrymoi defect major 4.3 divcc
#77 divcc -v segfault blurrymoi defect major 4.3 divcc
#80 dioscc without any arguments fails with ld error blurrymoi defect major 4.3 divcc
#2 Lazy loading / linking of DiOS bitcode. mornfall feature major 4.2 MC
#5 Invalid YAML report for programs with options or stdin mornfall defect major 5.0 UI
#8 Missing or spurious ODBC dependency mornfall defect major 5.0 bench
#14 Allow programs to override libc symbols mornfall defect major 5.0 DiOS
#20 Use error output for actual errors only mornfall defect minor 5.0 UI
#21 Implement clock_gettime mornfall feature minor 4.2 DiOS
#27 build filaure (fatal error: dios.h: No such file or directory) mornfall defect major 5.0 other
#28 Capturing symbolically linked files seem to crash DiOS mornfall defect minor 5.0 DiOS
#36 Assign 'types' (weak, marked) to objects, not to pointers. mornfall task major 4.3 VM
#42 DIVINE sim crashes after only six states mornfall defect major 5.0 sim
#50 Comparison of pointers in usermeta is incorrect. mornfall defect major 4.3 VM
#52 unable to reproduce divcc/gzip hello world with divine-4.2.1+2019.02.06 mornfall defect major 4.3 VM
#56 Showing globals does not work mornfall defect major 4.3 sim
#57 Build error in divine-smt mornfall defect major 5.0 other
#58 Build fails: Directory nonexistent mornfall defect minor 5.0 other
#61 Problems in SV-COMP mornfall defect major 4.3 other
#67 DiOS: VFS Capture does not work mornfall defect major 5.0 other
#79 Divine help commands crash mornfall defect major 4.3 UI
#9 Problem with cast form abstract int to abstract pointer. Henrich Lauko defect major 4.2 LART
#11 Implement string abstraction with 'strlen' function. Henrich Lauko task major 4.2 LART
#1 Fix memory leaks in DiOS defect major 4.2 DiOS
#7 Problems with --symbolic in SV-COMP benchmarks defect major 4.2 DiOS
#12 Have both versions of strerror_r defect major 4.2 DiOS
#15 Implement strcmp for mstring domain. feature major 4.2 DiOS
#24 divcc needs native libc++ and libc++abi to build C++ programs defect major 4.3 DiOS
#37 Update libc++ and libc++abi. task major 4.3 DiOS
#41 Faults that are suppressed should not appear in the trace defect minor 4.3 DiOS
#78 Sigaction in enquiry mode causes unexpected error while checking defect major 4.3 DiOS
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